Cellular Detox

Cellular Detox

We live in an age where our lifestyle, as well as our environment, have a direct influence on the expression of our genetic code. The sum of our daily choices, including what we eat and the kinds of environments we expose ourselves to has a significant effect on our gene expression and wellness. These inputs such as the environment, nutrition and medication are integrated by our body and the responses can cause DNA changes, gene expression, and it can even alter DNA molecules.

A good example is, if your great grandmother experienced a brief toxic exposure, this toxin could cause reproductive illnesses and possibly other conditions from generation to generation.

Why is this so important?

The toxins we are exposed to, or those our recent ancestors were exposed to, don’t necessarily alter your DNA but it can change the biochemical on-off switches that determine whether or not a specific gene gets activated or not. Some of these genes which may be deactivated could be a tumour suppressor gene (Gene P53) that protects you from cancer.

Toxins, pesticides and heavy metals which are stuck on your genes can be removed from the cells by means of a detox. The detox is given intravenously so it goes quickly, and it will efficiently deliver the nutrients directly to where they are needed; the cells. IV’s go right to the source and work on the problems directly.

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