Wound Care

Wound Care

The StemCure Clinic uses a variety of wound care dressings to treat and heal all types of wounds. From those with minor wounds to those with extensive wounds with chronic purulent discharges, we treat patients with a specialized carbon based dressing. The black serge sterile cloth’s absorption power works up to 500% better than other wound care treatments. The black serge sterile cloth removes all wound exudates and allows for quick and effective wound cleaning.

The benefits of using the carbon based wound dressing include:

  • The high absorption capacity allows for quick and effective wound cleaning.
  • The dressing does not damage the wound surface, preserving wound exudation for positive epithelisation.
  • The dressing enhances granulation without impairing blood supply.
  • Painless dressing changes
  • Longer periods between the dressing changes make it cost-effective and labour saving.

Get in touch with StemCure Clinic to find out more about our wound care treatments or to book a consultation. We don’t only specialise in wound care, we also focus on PRP injection treatment, stem cell therapy, stem cell detox and facial rejuvenation.

Different types of wounds:

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