Abrasion Wounds

WARNING! This page contains graphic images. Sensitive viewer discretion is advised

Bicycle Accident

Patient (age 17) fell with a bicycle and suffered severe abrasion wounds to the neck and face. The wound was cleaned using Betadine solution after which Sorusal was applied for one day. Leguis was applied there after.

Motorbike Accident

Patient (Male - Age 19) fell with a motorcycle and suffered severe abrasion wounds to the Gluteal region and the upper thigh.

Abrasion Wounds

Day 3B

The Legius dressing shifted. The effects of the Legius can be clearly seen in photo.

Abrasion Wounds

Day 9

Leguis was removed.

Abrasion Wounds

Dressing Change

The dressing was changed. After 9 days, the dressing was removed

Abrasion Wounds

Day 20

End Result after 20 days of treatment.